Allen, wife Betsy, and Honey,
their Carolina Dingo

A lifelong writer, Allen first worked for The Raleigh Times and the Associated Press covering politics and racial strife. Later he wrote speeches for prominent public officials including one member of the cabinet, a governor, a committee chairman in congress and the co-chairman of one presidential campaign.

Allen holds an A.B. degree in English from Guilford College. He earned a Masters of International Public Policy from Johns Hopkins’ School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). It was during his studies at the SAIS campus in Bologna, Italy that he first encountered the Katyń issue. In April, 2009 he was awarded the Commander’s Cross of the Order of Merit by the President of Poland for his work on the Katyń crime.

This spring Allen was awarded a Fulbright Research Fellowship which will enable him to spend a year in Poland researching a book about Solidarity. He will be based at the University of Warsaw starting in September. He made the first of many trips to Poland in 1989 and was researching the Katyń subject there in 1989 when the Berlin Wall fell. At the present he is finishing a historical novel which will be published in the fall of 2011. It is based on a true story about the Polish underground’s daring plot to expose Stalin’s guilt at Katyń.

His book Katyń: Stalin’s Massacre and the Triumph of Truth is an epic portrayal of how the Poles resisted Joseph Stalin’s attempt to Sovietize their country. It tells the story of three families trapped at the center of one of the 20th Century’s greatest if least-known tragedies: the mass liquidation of Poland’s officer corps and the massive deportation of so-called “bourgeoisie elements” to Siberia. The book describes the Poles’ indomitable will to survive and their unyielding demand for the truth about how these horrific policies were carried out. Two editions of Katyń have been bestsellers in Poland; a Czech edition was a bestseller in 2008. New editions released in the U.S. and Poland include revelations on the high-level U.S. cover up of Katyń. The crime still remains the most painful thorn in Russo-Polish relations.

The book first was published in 1991 Charles Scribner’s Sons to wide acclaim. Robert Conquest, one of the foremost authorities on the Soviet system, called it “a moving reconstruction of the human side of these events” in the New York Times. The Boston Globe wrote that “Allen Paul has thoroughly researched the murders, but more important, he has laid bare the massive cover-up of the murders and of the Soviet guilt—a cover-up that appears to have involved Roosevelt and Churchill, as well as Stalin.”

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