I’ve posted on my website a short story I wrote entitled “Halloween in Poland.”

It deals with the threat mass media and culture poses to tradition and traditional values.  I got the idea for the story when several Polish teenagers knocked on my door in Warsaw on All Saints’ Day (Nov. 1).  They were trick-or-treating on the wrong day.  When I pointed this out, they said it didn’t really matter.

Until recently Halloween was virtually unknown in Poland.  As young Poles learn about it, more and more go out trick-or-treating.  As the short story points out, soon it may begin to compete with All Saints’ Day, a time when almost all Poles visit cemeteries to light candles on the graves of their ancestors.  All Saints’ Day is a great tradition Poles have observed for many centuries.  It is as spiritual in nature as Halloween is commercial.  This clash in values could threaten one of the hallmarks of what it means to be a Pole.

I hope you’ll take time to read the story and add any comments you might care to make to this post.  I want to consider reader reactions as I finalize the story and then submit it for publication.